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If you or one of your co-workers has been assaulted by an abusive patient at a mental-health or health-care facility, let us know. Fill out our safety survey: Let us know what happened, the extent of injuries, and management’s response.

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Despite bipartisan opposition, supporters of the irresponsible "Right to Work" Constitutional Amendment are trying to move the bill forward in the Minnesota Senate. They know that Minnesotans oppose this unsafe, unfair and unnecessary law, and have resorted to desperate gimmicks to try to pass it.

This bill is not what its supporters say it is. Plain and simple, this isn't a right to work; it's the right to hurt workers, our economy, and the middle class.

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As Union members we need to support other workers in their hard struggles. The Sugar workers in Moorhead have been locked out and scabs are working across their picket lines. Standing united we can show our support to stand those picket lines alongside them. Read more >>>

For an adequately funded justice system "The courts are where the people come when the things that are most important to them - their family, their freedom, their property - the things they treasure most, are threatened. " Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea The Senate and House Judiciary committees have released their initial recommendations. The Senate proposal includes a 1% increase for the courts (to fund pension and health care obligations), and a 2.4% increase for public defense. But it recommends a 6.4% cut for civil legal services. The House proposal would also give the courts about a 1% increase, and fund public defense at current levels. But the House proposal would cut funding for civil legal services by almost 17% - a loss of $4 million for the biennium. Additionally, the House proposal would impose a number of restrictions on the types of cases legal services programs could undertake with state funding. Committee leadership has recognized the importance of an adequately funded justice system - and that's important. It's also important to remember that the justice system is an ecosystem - if all the components aren't operating properly, the system will break down. As Chief Justice Gildea has said, we must understand the "dire consequences to ... communities if the justice system is allowed to slow to a crawl because it doesn't have enough judges or court staff or public defenders or legal aid attorneys or prosecutors or law enforcement officers." The combination of reduced funding and limitations on the types of cases legal services programs could handle would combine to significantly increase the burdens on the justice system. Legal services saves the court an estimated $5 million per year by helping screen out non-meritorious cases, settle cases before they get to court, and reduce the number of pro se parties when claims do need to be litigated. Court functions would be significantly impacted by a surge in unrepresented parties. This is a critical time for the justice system - the committees are finalizing their bills this week. Please make sure that your representatives understand the importance of adequate funding for all the justice systems' components. Please contact the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. Thank them for their efforts in support of an adequately funded justice system, and remind them of the need to adequately fund all its components, including civil legal aid. (And to help us make 1000Supporters as effective as possible, please drop us a note letting us know whom you called, and what the response was.) With your help, we've made great strides towards helping our legislators appreciate how critical a properly functioning justice system is. Please keep up this important work. Thanks for your efforts. Steve Hirsh, MSBA [http://gallery.mailchimp.com/799706b3fccc214a076b1ad13/images/footer.gif] You signed up to receive updates from 1000 Supporters about funding for the Minnesota justice system. Unsubscribe mrskelton@stthomas.edu from this list. Our mailing address is: Minnesota State Bar Association 600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 380 Minneapolis, MN 55402 Add us to your address book Copyright (C) 2011 Minnesota State Bar Association All rights reserved. Forward this email to a friend Update your profile

Our right to collectively bargain for wages, benefits, our pension, and our working conditions are at risk. PLEASE CLICK ON THE UNITED WE BARGAIN, DIVIDED WE BEG BUTTON ON RIGHT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR LEGISLATORS. We are public employees but also voters and they need to know we don't support the toxic bills.

This bill was introduced on March 16, 2011 to crush all state government workers wages by 6%.  This would include Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches.  This would include YOU. 

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